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Tara Greenway is a ThetaHealing Master with a Certificate of Science who has been practicing and teaching in New York City since 2005. She is the co-founder, along with Eric Brumett and Sarah Faith, of ThetaHealingNYC, a healing center and ThetaHealing school in Manhattan. Tara has helped hundreds of clients and students connect directly with Creator and resolve many emotional, spiritual, and physical issues.
Tara is a member of ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), where she has presented at the national conference, and enjoys speaking to therapy centers, cutting-edge businesses, spiritual organizations, women's groups, and parents about connecting to Source and transforming old behavior patterns. Tara is also an interfaith minister licensed in New York State; an author currently working on a book about the relationship between spirituality, sexuality and chronic pain; and a playwright. Tara has through alternative techniques overcome two supposedly chronic pain conditions.
Tara has worked with children for many years in several capacities: she worked with inner-city teenagers at the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, directed the Drama Youth Program for the off-Broadway Lamb’s Theatre, and volunteered with elementary-age children in the New York City public schools, as well as with grieving kids at The Healing Center of Long Island College Hospital. Tara is also an AEA/SAG/AFTRA actress who has appeared off-Broadway, on television, and in film.
Tara was a founding board member of Healing Arts Haven, a non-profit organization that uses the arts to raise life energy, and is a charter member of MBSConnect, an organization that connects Fortune 500 companies with health practitioners/speakers. She has served on the Board of Trustees at the Brooklyn Friends School and continues to be an active member of the Brooklyn Friends Meeting. Tara and her husband are the proud and smitten parents of two children, one by biology and one by adoption.
Visit her website: www.thetahealingnyc.com and taragreenway.com


 Tara is also certified in Reiki, and is an actor, writer, Quaker, and bio/adoptive parent. 



"”Tara’s Manifesting and Abundance class was transformative for me. Her approach of intensive belief clearing really did the trick. Two months after completing the course, I had smoothly entered back into the work force in a new market, earning double what I had when I left it three years before to be at home with my daughter. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to raise their income and come closer to their ideal vision for life."

New York City

" approached ThetaHealing with a mixture of hope and skepticism. Tara Greenway’s gentle, insightful, compassionate and laser-focused healing sessions with me, made me a believer. I only pay attention to results, and the results from our sessions were nothing less than, well — what’s a good word? Spectacular. Tara’s ability to identify and peel away beliefs that weren’t serving me, and replace them with truths that DO serve me, have resulted in the almost complete disappearance of a depression that has haunted me since my teens. My relationship with my mother has changed in a month, to where we are actually being lovingly truthful with each other — and are able to fully own the real love we have for each other in a wonderful way. Also, the DNA technique that helps slow aging — not to put too fine a point on it — really works. I have always looked a bit young for my age, but since Tara and I did that download, people have actually asked to see my driver’s license when I tell them my age: they refuse to believe me. There are healers, and then there are people whose ability to deliver healing is more than a gift: it is an ability to open themselves to the Divine in a way that lets a Power work through them, in a way that is fluid, ego-free, and exactly right. Tara has that gift."

New York City

"Before coming to Tara Greenway, I suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease, chronic sinus infections, and confusing mood swings. After several sessions with Tara, my sinus infections are a thing of the past, my thyroid disease is steadily improving, and I feel much more balance and joy in my life. Tara has basically helped me remove the obstacles to my health and happiness. Her practice is quick and to the point. Right at the beginning, she identified several limiting beliefs I had, and along with the physical healing that took place, she was able to eliminate and resolve many issues that were causing me stress and confusion. Like many people, I had problems in defining personal boundaries and feeling obliged to extend myself in ways beyond what was healthy for me. This issue has cleared for me, improving my day-to-day life. I wholeheartedly recommend Tara and her work to anyone desiring a positive change in their health, in their consciousness, and in their life."


"Our beloved 16-year-old cat was in kidney failure and losing lots of weight. He just spat back out the medicine the vet prescribed for him. Tara Greenway worked on him for several short sessions, and he seemed to stabilize. On his next veterinary visit, the vet seemed surprised when she told us our kitty’s kidney function had returned to normal, and she described his overall health as ‘perfect and extraordinary.’ We are so happy with the results of ThetaHealing!"


"During a series of panic attacks, which were crippling me with self-consciousness and anxiety, a friend suggested I do a little research into ThetaHealing® . It was one of those ‘right place-right time’ moments, and within a week I had an appointment with Tara Greenway. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about ThetaHealing® before going in, but I trusted what was feeling right about it. During the session, I was amazed at how readily I was able to articulate damaging core beliefs from my subconscious, and how natural it was to replace those beliefs on the Theta level with more positive and accurate beliefs. In one session, I felt those burdens lift; I left Tara’s office in euphoria; and I’ve been able to maintain a natural, healthy rhythm of belonging and peace ever since. I’ve sent several friends to Tara, who were facing different issues, but who’ve all reported back to me with gratitude very successful sessions in ThetaHealing® . It’s my excited opinion that Theta is liable to change/save/heal the world."

New York, NY

"Tara Greenway did a brief ThetaHealing ® session on me after I’d had major surgery, gone home, then been re-hospitalized due to complications. My doctors were concerned that my digestive system was still not working properly about two weeks postop. Within a few hours of Tara working on me, my digestive system came back to full functioning; I was suddenly able to process food and excrete properly. It was a real turning point in my full recovery. I recommend Tara without reservation and will be forever grateful for the work she and I did together."

L.H., Therapist
New York, NY

"I am so grateful to have discovered and tried ThetaHealing® with Tara Greenway. It has meant changing rooted negative beliefs carried from my childhood for positive ones. It is not a simple repetition of affirmations; it works by deeply reaching out to your essence in a delicate but purposeful way. After having received this healing, my life has been profoundly changed and it has gotten much lighter. I have learned (and am still learning) that I do not need to be perfect to feel good about myself and about the way I conduct my life!"


"If I am sick or dealing with something major in my life, I call Tara Greenway for a ThetaHealing® session by phone. Recently I went through the protracted illness and death of my father. I had a session with Tara two days before my dad passed away, and the things she helped me understand about my dad’s journey were incredibly comforting and ultimately helped me to go through this huge transition with an understanding and a lightness that I would not otherwise have had. I recommend ThetaHealing® to anyone who wants to heal their illness or their life in general."

V.B., Educator
Baltimore, MD

" have explored different kinds of healing practices, but I liked ThetaHealing® with Tara Greenway immediately, and I liked it more than anything else, because I got sudden and surprising results, and it just felt right. Now I find I have a clear access to my creative powers that I never had before, and I have a thirty-year career as an artist. This is pretty astonishing and it comes apparently as an accidental by-product of exploring other subjects like relationships and future plans. Yes, I know there are no accidents. ThetaHealing® is an extraordinary way to get in touch with yourself without a lot of dogma and ritualized processes. You sort of just do it, and in a few sessions it works its magic in big ways and little ways."

J.S., Artist/Musician

"Tara Greenway has worked on our five-year-old daughter for several very short ThetaHealing ® sessions. We love how Tara works, our daughter does too, and it has been very effective. One night our little girl had a painful sore inside her mouth that Tara worked on, and the next morning the sore was completely gone. Tara has also helped our daughter overcome her fears, so that now she is able to separate easily from us at drop-off time and enjoy kindergarten. We highly recommend Tara and ThetaHealing® ."

A. and F.P.

"For a long time I believed healing was a timely and arduous process. My entire perspective changed when I started working with Tara Greenway and ThetaHealing. Who knew that healing could be so easy? So instantaneous and delightful? I feel better than I have in months. Theta has allowed me to believe in something much greater than conventional medicine and to access my own intuitive healing power."


"When I first came to Tara Greenway, I was in a deep psychological crisis and had reached a dead end with other forms of therapy. I faintly recalled that a friend had recommended ThetaHealing years ago, and though I felt rather hopeless, decided to give it a shot. Although I had never tried any other forms of energy healing and was rather suspicious about it, Tara’s warm and down-to-earth personality instantly made me feel at ease. After the first session, it was as if someone had lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, and I was able to reconnect to my joy for the first time in months. Amazed at this effect, I decided to come back for more sessions, and in the course of a few weeks I learned things about myself and my body that brought about a profound spiritual and physical transformation. Soon after that, Tara was offering her Basic DNA class and encouraged me to sign up, so I could apply the technique she was using on my own. The three days of the workshop were packed with information, but at the same time very laid-back, fun and hands-on. I also loved the other people in our small class and we really bonded over the course of the long weekend, practicing with each other and laughing a lot. I am so grateful to have met Tara and received this powerful tool of healing and self-exploration!"

New York, NY

"Tara’s ThetaHealing® class was excellent. At first we all had a lot of doubts and insecurities about whether or not we could learn this technique so quickly, but by the end of the three-day workshop we could hardly believe the results we were seeing and feeling in ourselves and each other. Tara combines a sense of the logical with a sense of the mysterious, and her class was hands-on and fun."

New York
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