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Basic DNA Canada Oct 21 - 23, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Advanced DNA Canada Oct 23 - 25, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Dig Deeper Canada Nov 11 - 12, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
You and the Creator Canada Nov 13 - 14, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
You and Your Inner Circle Canada Dec 3 - 4, 2022 もっと詳しく知る


Meet your Inner World Guide

Welcome! My name is Anik.

I help leaders, visionaries, and change-makers connect to their inner wisdom and unleash empowered authenticity so they can be the catalyst of change they desire to see in the world.

I was a survivor but now I’m so much more. I’ve fought against domestic abuse, self-destructive behaviours and co-dependency while dealing with debilitating allergies, fibromyalgia, and depression. My life looked great on paper, (manager of a multi-million dollar firm by age 30), but I was empty inside, and still I refused to let go of the struggle paradigm I was indoctrinated into, as so many of us are. It was destroying me.

The constant struggle became too much. Eventually, my attachments dissolved, and I surrendered to my soul’s call. A decade ago, I took a leap of faith and let it all go – my career and all its financial security – and trusted in my heart to lead the way. 

Through this inner journey, I found the answers I needed to move forward. Those layers of fear and limiting beliefs no longer enslave me. I allowed my authentic self to emerge and with it came a strength, inner knowing, and peace I never knew possible. I want to share this roadmap with you. Through my journey and training, I’ve paved the way. There’s no need for you to settle, struggle, or suffer, I am here to guide you.

The world is aching for us to step up.  It is time for you to rise and BE the change YOU want to see in the world… it starts with YOU.

I’ve been there; I’ve felt that yearning for more. You can find your way to empowerment without struggle; you simply need to be open and committed to change.  I can help you find your unique path to experience your deepest desires. The only question is, are you ready to set aside your old limitations and claim the joy, love, and freedom that is waiting for you in escrow?

Discover the comfortable and non-judgmental space that I love to create for you.

Big Love!




Global Healer, Educator & Speaker, 

Syndicated Radio Host - News for the Soul Broadcasting Network

Energy psychology qualifications:

ThetaHealing® Certifications: Instructor & Practitioner - Basic & Advanced DNA • Dig Deeper • You and The Creator • Manifesting & Abundance Instructor - ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy • World Relations • You and Your Inner Circle• SoulMates • Family Ties • Rhythm, and Game of Life Practitioner

CranioSacral Therapist • Certified Chios® Master Teacher • Former Chios Council Member • Reiki Master Teacher • Choice® Theory, Reality Therapy & Lead-Management.

Founder: The YOUnified Method • Anxiety-Free Me • Conscious-preneur Prosperity



"“Working with Anik is like a power wash for my soul. She collaborates with me to quickly clarify the fuller picture and my underlying beliefs...""

~ Marion Freiberg

"“ Anik is amazing! She helped me identify what was holding me back and work through it. I am now more self-aware and self-confident thanks to her gift and guidance. I am now following my dreams!”"

~ Angie Beaulieu, RMT

""If you need some help dealing with anxiety, worry, fears, or lots of other things that us entrepreneurs deal with, Anik rocks!! Thanks for your help!.”"

~ Kim Eagles, Author

""Anik's seminars are always filled with laughter and camaraderie and I’ve met some very good friends in them. Anik facilitates a center of growth in her guidance. You discover elements of yourself that allow you to live a more abundant and fruitful life.” “I consider Anik to be one of the best and strongest allies in my journey of personal growth.” "

~ Shannon Edgett - Spirit Fox Wellness

"“ I am conquering fears that before had left me paralyzed, taking control of my autoimmune disease, and trusting that my life is my choice. And now learning that my life can be filled with joy and ease, and miracles surround me and all of us daily.”"

~ Angela Holden

""Anik is a highly intuitive Healer that immediately was able to tune into my hidden issues... Through her dynamic and heartwarming healing approach, I learned a lot about myself and what I needed to release and focus on in order to get a boost in my business... Thanks, Many Thanks Anik”"

~ Pavle Luger - Evolucoaching

"“For me, ThetaHealing is a framework, reference and blueprint for navigating this multi-dimensional life journey and Anik is the quintessential guide... With ThetaHealing, our true nature is revealed. It affirms that this dimension is just one aspect of the fullness of our existence. I highly recommend the seminar. And, Anik’s attributes as a teacher, which include her wealth of knowledge and experience and her excellent sense of humour and sense of fun, made the whole experience very special.”"

~ Heather

"My life has improved immensely! ThetaHealing has supported me in getting off my Anti-Depressant within 6 months, helped improve my relationship with my kids and family, helped with my Self-Love and aligned me with my life’s purpose... everything shifted so fast. Life is Great!”"

~ Nancy Doiron
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