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You and the Creator Taguig City, Manila  Philippines Dec 5 - 7, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Soul Mate Taguig City, Manila  Philippines Dec 14 - 16, 2022 もっと詳しく知る


Hi, my name is Sanaiyah, and I am the founder of The Third Eye Wellness Center, a mind-body-energy health and wellbeing center in Manila, Philippines. I opened my first healing center in Dubai in 2009 before moving to the Philippines in 2011. I am the first certified Practitioner and Instructor of ThetaHealing® in the Phillippines, so it was pretty exciting to start running classes here. I am fully dedicated to promoting awareness about this amazing modality in the Philippines, and I became the Country Representative of ThetaHealing® for the Philippines in 2015.

I have been a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor from Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge (THInK USA) since 2009 and continue to be inspired by the many instant healings my clients experience including remission from cancer. After attaining my ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner & Instructor, I subsequently received my Certificate of Science. I also hold certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Access Bars and Pranic Healing in addition to being well-versed in a variety of other healing techniques.


My journey began when I started to traverse the route of understanding mind, body, and energy through a synchronous unfolding of events. From completing a BA in Economics and Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania (USA, 2000), I then pursued a graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemeological Institute of America (London/NY, 2002). I took my certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the California Hypnosis Institute in 2008. I further received my Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM) in 2009 and my Teacher’s Certification thereafter.


I am still pursuing my Post-Graduate degree in Regression Therapies from Tasso University in the Netherlands. I recently received a Masters in Entrepreneurship with honors (Gold Medalist) from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in 2015, and I am now as a professor, teaching Creativity, Intuition, and the understanding of the Subconscious Mind as part of their Entreprenuership program.


I feel completely in my element when I am inspiring others through my experiences, knowledge, and ideas. I have been told that I have a unique gift for sharing knowledge and communicating information in a way that is easily understood by others. I believe that my role is to facilitate the growth of my students and clients through healing, teaching and offering support.


My road to personal fulfillment follows the path of being a motivational speaker at events, workshops, and training programs; spreading awareness through teaching; and taking on individual therapy sessions with clients. It is with this vision coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that I started The Third Eye Wellness, an organization that promotes a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellbeing.


Not only am I a resident guest on Magic 89.9’s Boys Night Out radio show, but I regularly appear in the media such as on CNN Philippines for my expertise on health and wellbeing. I am often invited to speak at events and seminars hosted by organizations such as St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City, Miriam College, Asian Development Bank, Department of Trade & Industry, and Meralco among others. My center and its activities (highliighting ThetaHealing) have also been featured on CNN Philippines.


My avid curiosity leads me to explore spiritual concepts, translate metaphysical ideas, and survey the entire universe of possibilities when it comes to perpetuating illumination. In all my activities, I aim to demonstrate a true commitment and unbridled passion in fulfilling my life purpose of helping others attain wellbeing through a process of awareness, healing, and self-realization. I look forward to doing that for you:)


P.S. I love Digging and I teach all my students how to become very comfortable with it!


Doctorate in Alternative Medicine
Clinical Hypotherapist
Access Bars Practitioner
Professor at Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Philippines


"Theta Healing did amazing things in my life. I noticed so much changes in me, especially how I see or perceive things. Through this I feel like I have my power back that has been long buried. Thank you so much Sanaiyah for being Creator's instrument and share this knowledge with us. "

Nina Baltonado
Manila, Philippines

"Happiness comes from within. That’s the thing theta healing taught me. I’ve been seeing Sanaiyah a couple of months now and it changed a lot of things in my life. First, it helped me cure PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I’ve had this sickness for two years and was diagnosed to have PCOS all my life. I was told that it would be difficult for me to conceive a child. After my first theta healing session, my mindset changed. I believed that I am healed. I believed that I am healthy. After three months, I had my ultrasound and my doctor told me that my ovaries are clear and I am now ready for a child. Past is past. She helped me address my issues with family, relationships and friends. I was a hater before, now I’m learning what “compassion” really means. I can’t believe I lived in so much hatred before but what’s important is that now, I’m aware. I’m working towards acceptance and love. I also realized the value of meditation and making time for the stillness of the mind. I believe in myself. I can do this. I can achieve inner peace. Having a conversation with her is like a breath of fresh air. I don’t know, it seems like she understands me completely and I can tell her my worries without the fear of judgment. When she holds my hand, I see the sky. The experience is divine, it is a gift from God. ☺"

Manila, Philippines

"I suffered panic disorder since 2006. Right then and there I know I had to go to a psychiatrist because I know what I am undergoing is mental/emotional problem. Every month I would spend thousands of pesos for my therapy and medicines. I can’t go out on my own because I am frightened. I got depressed. I wanted to resign on my job. It seems all the dark things had already happened to me. There was even a point when I said to myself that it’s better that I die than to suffer that kind of illness. Then one time, that was June of 2012, I saw Sanaiyah in a (tv/radio) show of DZMM. I knew I had to give a try because I know that my subconscious is a huge factor in what I’m feeling. And so I did undergo the Theta Healing last Nov 2012. I had 4 therapies in a matter of less than a week. I knew that that was one of the biggest miracles of my life. A lot has changed since then. Big change! I’m more positive now. I can do things on my own. I don’t worry about sleepless nights. I can deal with problems just like normal people do. I’m not saying that I got my life back totally. In scale of 10. I would say 8 1/2. I still have issues but I’m coping with it positively. Thank you Third Eye Manila for bringing my life back. What you guys did was really life changing. "

Manila, Philippines

"We all go through downtimes in life and don’t exactly know how to get out of it as we tend to feel a certain comfort being stuck in that rut. We may look for solace from our friends or master self-help books and believe that we got the solution to our problem which I have learned is only temporary. When I first went for my Theta Healing session, I really was clueless on what to expect. I initially was scared to open up and share whatever was on my mind. However Sanaiyah made it so easy to talk to her. There was no judgment whatsoever and as she says it’s the creator who is healing you and she is just an instrument. To sum it all up, Theta Healing isn’t about magic spells or lucky charms or medication. It is about you, your thoughts and your experiences. It’s as simple as trusting the Creator, believing you will be healed and just saying YES and it’s done!"

Manila, Philippines

"Everyone should go and experience The Third Eye Wellness Center. No words can describe the ThetaHealing I received from Sanaiyah, owner of the center. If you are open for a healing then you will not be disappointed. Your life will change like it has for me and my family!"

Suz Badiola
Manila, Philippines

"Thank you Sanaiyah Gurnamal for the Game of Life class. I had an amazing experience and learned a lot too. Thank you for training us for belief work and digging. We cleared so much and I learned to face my fear. Thank you. Oho!!!"

Anju Dargani
Manila, Philippines

"When I went to a Theta Healing session, I had a big red rash on my throat. And issues. I had done what work I could with myself - reading self-help books, working with the law of attraction, doing energy healing on myself, but at this point I was up against a wall. I could not seem to go forward. I thought I knew what I wanted with my life, but I seemed to have no will to action. I seemed paralyzed, powerless against my petty addictions. I could not seem to help myself. Enter Theta Healing. My rash disappeared in a few days. I felt during the session as if there was a very soft force that swept into me and collapsed walls - a force as soft as tissue paper, but tissue is way harder and more gross. This was the gentlest collapsing of walls inside of me, and I ended up feeling invigorated, and healed. And curious to learn more. My session of Theta Healing was miraculous for me, and embarked me on the ability to create miracles myself."

Edlyn Kalman
Manila, Philippines

"Sanaiyah is an amazing teacher who brings so much insight, depth and wisdom while teaching her classes. This brings the learning experience to a whole other level as stories and age-old truths are seamlessly woven in a way that is truly captivating. Apart from this, Sanaiyah is a great friend and mentor. She has connections with each of her students and is surely instrumental in their growth, learning and evolution. She’s an exemplary individual and most definitely a shining example to all! "

Noelle Anne Rodriguez
Manila, Philippines

"I took World Relations with Sanaiyah Gurnamal in 2017. World Relations has totally changed my travel experience! Where before I would learn major life lessons in other countries, as well as have minor bumps and hiccups in travel logistics – I now have a smooth easy holiday experience at all times where I feel the world is opening up for me and I am open and available to completely soak up the experience! Interactions with people have been immensely fulfilling. I am able to connect with people from around the world and this has brought along so many amazing new opportunities. I am reveling in this expanded and exciting version of my life! "

Noelle Anne Rodriguez
Manila, Philippines


I am based in Manila, Philippines. However I do accept invitations to teach in other locations. Currently I also teach in Jakarta, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.
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