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Basic DNA United Kingdom Jan 10 - 12, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
Basic DNA United Kingdom Jan 20 - 22, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
Advanced DNA United Kingdom Feb 7 - 9, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
Advanced DNA United Kingdom Feb 17 - 19, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
Dig Deeper United Kingdom Mar 7 - 8, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
Dig Deeper United Kingdom Mar 25 - 26, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
You and the Creator United Kingdom Apr 18 - 19, 2023 もっと詳しく知る
You and the Creator United Kingdom Apr 22 - 23, 2023 もっと詳しく知る


Hi and a HUGE friendly welcome to you.

I am a very happy, grateful wife & mum of two, residing in the beautiful South of England.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by spirituality so I am honoured and humbled to now help others not only emopower themselves and transform their life, but the beautiful souls around them using their connection to The Creator/Source energy. This all done with a bucket load of love, support, kindeness and sprinkling of fun along the way!

My classes are nurturing, fun and tender. Witnessing souls grow and establish their own unique connection with the Creator/Source energy is one of my divine purposes within this lifetime and I thrive by accomplishing this suurounded with divine Joy.

It would be my honour and privilege to show you how.

Love, Light and Blessings,



Intuitive Energy Coach
Spiritual Life Coach
Intructor & Practitioner in Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®️
Instructor & Practitioner in The Activation Method™️
EFT Tapping Practitioner 
Meditation Facilitator
Angel Healing Practitioner 


"I've been trying to write this for a while now and have struggled to find the words so I'm just going to go with it. I had a Theta Healing session with Laura a few weeks ago now and WOW! I knew what I needed to work on but it was big and it was deep and I didn't really know what the belief was just what needed some work, Laura was incredible at holding space for me and helping me sift through what it was that was going on. She helped me dig into it and I was shocked at the beliefs I held so deep "

Rachel J
Online Theta Healing Session

"I have known Laura for quite a few years. So it was no surprise to me when I found out she had decided to practice Theta Healing. I had a Theta Healing session with Laura on Wednesday afternoon and since then it’s been non-stop, quite a lot happened in the session and so much clearing was done. Blockages that have been there for many years, even though I do quite a bit of work on myself as a healer. But sometimes you just need someone who is outside and can give you a different perspective and bring different energies in. In light of everything that’s going on on the planet I think we collect so much debris as empaths. The session itself was absolutely amazing and was very moving in lots of different ways. But the momentum has continued and all I can say is I’m so grateful for Laura and the beautiful soul she is. I think I had reached an impasse on my own. In a period of just three days my life has changed dramatically. My whole way of thinking and the way I feel about everything. Every day there are new signs and signals from the universe and my guides, I feel as if a mist has been lifted and I can finally see the road ahead . If you are thinking about a healing session have no doubt about Laura‘s ability and the power of this modality. I do believe that you could not find a better guide to help you see your path more clearly and clear your energy. The freedom and the empowerment I feel after just one session it’s unbelievable. Thank you, Laura you are a beautiful soul"

Suzanne S
Theta healing Session

"Yesterday, I had the most amazing Theta Healing session with Laura. I can’t even begin to explain the magnitude of this healing. At some points it was quite difficult, it was a lot of digging to find out the root cause of certain things, and as it transpires, I had to be released from a promise that I had made my mum. There was a lot to do with family, and resentment and feelings over control et cetera which Laura magically helped me with the help of the Creator, to be at peace, to release, to be free, to be able to move forward without having to hold this in my system anymore. I really feel everybody, I mean everybody needs to have a Theta Healing session. Laura is so beautiful, and what she did for me last night, I will never ever forget. And since then magic has been happening, my energy feels different, there’s been a shift, and I’ve even heard from a family member today after months. So this really needed to happen. Thankyou so so much lovely. I just knew I needed to have a session with you and I’m so grateful."

Androulla C
Online Theta Healing Session
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