Gabriela Awad Burgos

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




Dig Deeper Chile Jul 16 - 17, 2022 もっと詳しく知る


Hello!  I am a certified Thetahealer practitioner and instructor. Thetahealing saved my life, and it changed it for the better for good.  Ever since my first session I was hooked, as it was the only thing that healed an underlying health condition I had been dealing with for a while, and it has since done miracles after miracles in my life and the lives I have touched doing this technique.
I am dedicated thetahealer instructor and practitioner, and have helped clients from all over the world dealing with things ranging from fobias, mental health, physical ailments, life long patterns and traumas and much more.  Get in touch so we can have a chat!
Also I teach in Spanish and in English, so if you also speak spanish let me know so I can share my free videos and content with you!


"“In the morning (after the session) I started to somehow feel something completely different from anything I had ever felt before. I felt for the first time in my life that I was complete. I now feel like a completely different person. Or more accurately, like a better version of myself. I feel integrity within me. I feel so strong and with such freedom.”"

Maria del Sol

"While I have experienced healing through various modalities before, this theta session was on a whole new level. It was a break-through. Gabriela is an extraordinary thetahealer. Her presence immediately created a relaxation and trust and we were able to breathe deep into the work. Emotions flowed and, at one point, I felt a huge energetic shift in my physical body. My spine was suddenly aligned, elevated, and my awareness became absolutely clear. I experienced the sensation of my "true self." After this session, I feel inspired to live in accordance with my highest purpose.""

Christopher Kelly

""Fue hace 1 año que fui amorosamente acompañada por Gabriela en estas sesiones y aun me conmueve la profundidad, la claridad y la sanación que se produjo en temas tan diversos como complejos de mi vida. Pudimos revisar mi biografía y darle sentido, explicación y sanación a los episodios que me han marcado como mi nacimiento, la muerte de mi hermano, la perdida de un gran amor y la dificultad de amar a mi pareja de toda la vida, dolores en el árbol genealógico. Encontrar las respuestas le da sentido y valor a tu existencia. Y poder sanar lo que no has logrado por todos tus medios no tiene precio, para mí fue un regalo poder sanar la relación mas difícil que tenia que era con mi hija, lograr amarla y perdonarme no hay palabras para explicarlo.""

Maricarmen Canas

"Carly had a near phobia of driving for over 5 years. She had not been able to drive without getting anxiety and panic attacks. She would freeze, and be unable to continue driving, often needing to be rescued by someone else. "A couple of weeks after the session I noticed that I felt neutral whilst driving. Previously, I would meticulously plan the route and parking, avoiding hills and parallel parking. Now I set the SatNav and go. Wow, what a result!""

Carly Burnell
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