Rupal Sheth

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




Hello! I'm Rupal and am a natural intuitive and currently work with adults, kids and pets. My focus is on initially resolving the challenges that people come to me with and, over time, enabling them to realise that ThetaHealing® is self-sustaining and can be practised by anybody! 

I also work with animals, especially dogs and cats that have been rescued/ rehabilitated and have trauma related challenges and am a big believer in working with all the planes of existence.

It is my mission to help awaken the healer that resides in each one of us and encourage people to recognize and align with their true life purpose through their abilities.

ThetaHealing® has brought me closer to my life purpose, helped me recognize and attract my soul family, manifest and experience true abundance and live harmoniously. It has been nothing short of a miracle for me. 

Every course I study or teach, every healing I witness enriches me and brings me closer to the creator, I have so much joy and gratitude for this life.

I hope to spread the same joy into the lives of people who connect with me through the creator, of all that is.



Transcendental Meditation 
Pranic Healing 
Anthroposophic Studies 


"I am a certified Theta Healer who’s done over 7 courses. After having experienced hundreds of healing sessions from different healers I can confidently say my life has changed after one session with Rupal. I am relieved of so much weight. The healing has shifted my life and where I am going. It was magical, transparent, fluid and divine! Her expertise and guidance are truly transformational. I feel like my life, my light, my vibrations and my aura have changed for the good.I highly recommend her sessions and workshops. "

Raghdan Hassan, Energy Guide & Healer
Los Angeles, USA

"The ThetaHealing Basic Workshop with Rupal, helped me get in touch with my intuition. Rupal is an excellent instructor and such a powerful intuit herself that it’s inevitable that her students benefit from the same and develop these abilities. Through the Thetahealing workshop I have found my life purpose and it has changed not only how I perceive myself, but also the way I perceive people and objects around me. I have found a way to recognise the divinity in all of it and that, to me, is priceless. Thank you."

Vidya Kirloskar, Life Coach & Healer
Bangalore, India

"I had been living with a big guilt and pain in my mind for almost 2 decades. I tried to address it in many ways but all attempts were futile. I had almost given up when I had a chance to have a spiritual healing experience with Rupal. I have always been a but wary of spiritual guides and healers, as I always saw them on the other side of science. I decided to try a session with Rupal's guidance and the results were remarkable. Despite knowing her and my skepticism, the session was completely based on mutual trust and understanding, she guided me and helped me address my long pending emotional and psychological issues in a very effective and positive way. The result was that a certain series of incidents took place right after the session which healed a lot of long standing wounds. The healing helped me as well the other affected parties who weren't even present in the session. It resolved some key relationship issues that had been shadowing my life in many ways, that I wasn't even aware of. I would suggest you give Rupal a chance to help you heal. I would definitely vouch for expertise and empathy and tactical handling of your issues and of course, the astounding results!"

Rishabh Shanker

"I was first introduced to Theta Healing by Rupal as a guided meditation and connecting with my guardian angel. I had always been a skeptic of any alternate healing modality but that session just blew my mind. I felt for the first time a connection to some energy source that felt like the creator. And from there on there was no turning back, I went ahead and did my basic course as well as the advanced course in Theta. I have always been so suprised at how intuitive and connected Rupal is as a healer plus she is a compassionate person which really helps when you are working on your various limiting beliefs. I have benefitted so much from my sessions with her as well as have been witness to how powerful her healing sessions have been for many animals at a shelter. I am thankful for having been introduced to Theta healing as a modality by Rupal and also am grateful for her immense patience, compassion, intuition as a healer while doing sessions with me."

Bangalore, India

"Rupal has been doing healing at CARE animal shelter and for me on a personal basis for more than a year now. Many of our animals suffer from high level trauma, pain, stress, trauma induced paralysis and depression.After the healing session they have shown a marked improvement and have made a steady progress towards a healthy life. Her success rate is amazing. I have osteoarthritis . The pain level has come down and I can walk with comfort. The dogs at our trauma centre have benefited greatly through her healing. I’m grateful for her help. "

Mallika Menon, Trustee, Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre
Bangalore, India

"Rupal made me feel at ease almost immediately and I became quite open early on. She helped me unlock doors to underlying issues that I hadn't even considered. As we progressed, I felt more and more energized as this weight dispersed. She literally put the wind back in my sails. Rupal is an exceptional listener and picks up on your subconscious emotions even without a mention from you. She really helped me clear my murky past and look to a brighter future. Rupal came strongly recommended and I can wholeheartedly endorse the same."

Selim Yusuf
London, UK

"My session with Rupal was a huge eye opener for me. Despite being a certified theta healer myself I realised I was struggling with some of my inner demons. Rupal’s gentle guidance and nudging helped me ‘peel the onion’ to the innermost layer and immediately released a weight I didn’t even know I was carrying! I came out of the session happier, lighter and stronger. Rupal’s completely non-judgemental demeanour and kindness makes the entire session super comfortable and non-threatening! She’s all love, sparkles and cheer ❤️ and I’m proud to be her friend! More power to you girl!"

Hita Hejmadi
Bangalore, India
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