Julia Buschmann

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor





Advanced DNA Palma, Illes Balears  Spain Oct 7 - 9, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Dig Deeper Palma, Illes Balears  Spain Oct 22 - 23, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Basic DNA Germany Nov 5 - 6, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Soul Mate Germany Nov 12 - 13, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Advanced DNA Germany Nov 18 - 20, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Dig Deeper Germany Nov 26 - 27, 2022 もっと詳しく知る
Manifesting and Abundance Germany Dec 28 - 29, 2022 もっと詳しく知る


My values

"I love life with every breath! Art is my passion… The art of creativity, painting, photography, making films, the art of living, the art of healing! My path is intensely spiritual, with many quantum leaps. I am a heart person and offer heart medicine. My vision and mission allow me to fully embark on the path of healing. I love ThetaHealing and also enjoy working with other healing modalities and indigenous medicine. My clients and seminar participants are very important to me."


Connection from heart to heart and fulfilling the innermost heart’s desires are my top priority.


I meet my clients and students authentically and promote authenticity. The truth is the source within us that we uncover. Living this truth is my way.

zest of life

It is important to me to love and enjoy every breath, also with my clients and students. Working together should be fun, ignite the inner flame and bring well-being.


I think it is important to encourage individual ways. Everyone is a spark of creation and wants to bring out uniqueness.


I promote the combination of spirituality and prosperity. It is important to me to activate the powers of manifestation of wealth in the new age.


It is important to me to bring beauty into the world, to transform everything into beauty, or to recognize beauty in everything. I would also like to promote this sense of beauty in my clients and students.


I am committed to a world in which we humans are content and can look carefree into our past, let go of it, live in the present moment and enjoy contentment.


Bachelor of Arts - Digital Film making 
Wordpress Webdesign, Photography, Arts


"Dear Julia, Thank you for the wonderful and beneficial Theta-Healing Session. Through your guidance, I was able to see past events as inner pictures, recognize correlations and trace my issue back to its roots, to dissolve it. Additionally, my old beliefs have been replaced by new ones. I received these as intuitive inspirations from the highest level. Your Theta Healing meditations always give me the feeling of deep connection with the level of everything that is. I would love to come back to you! Thank you & best wishes."

Silke Metzger

"I am sooo happy that YOU do this here lovely Julie! Absolute heart recommendation to all! Be there and learn to connect with the creators power and to find and dissolve deep-seated patterns and beliefs. The magical Julia makes this very wonderful. She has great knowledge and shares this in a light, loving and joyful way."

Annika Peper

"Julia had a very pleasant and quiet way of handling, which quickly built up confidence. Also the questions she asked me in between, were appropriate and helped me to sense more accurate. Overall, our session was very pleasant and lightning for me!"


"The seminar in Kassel was wonderfully guided by Julia in a nice atmosphere. Her joy and serenity helped me to believe in myself. Even after the seminar she is still available for any kind of questions with her support. I still practice and can say in conclusion – ThetaHealing is a great tool and really fun!"


"Julia does a wonderful job in connection with the pure energy of the creator, both as a thetahealer and teacher and as an intuitive healer. In my opinion, her absolute speciality is past lives and karma, which affects and blocks us in this life today. Regardless of the topic, she receives such clear information and impulses that it is just fun to surrender myself to letting go the old b * shit, to live in the here and now and to create what I really want! Very powerful work. I can definitely recommend it!"

Nadine Bose

"Julia is a wonderful teacher and an amazing human being. She is deeply devoted to her spiritual path and has a gentle but profound way of teaching and sharing her knowledge. Theta Healing completely changed my life and I am incredibly grateful that Julia was my first teacher. I can recommend her to everyone who seeks deep transformation and profound change in their life. With all my love and deep gratitude. Jovana"

Jovana Dubajic


You can book me online & personal for seminars in your city!
I am willing to travel around the world!

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