Dr. Serggio García Guillén

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science




Dr Serggio Garcia Guillen is an Intuitive and Integrative MD and Master of Science in Thetahealing who works with individuals and organizations reconnecting them with their own inner wisdom and potential utilizing a compassion-personalized approach.Serggio was born an intuitive and highly empathic person from a multicultural family which allowed him to reach others with curiosity and enthusiasm, transforming experiences into an adventure while appreciating new knowledge. He believes in the power and value of each of our experiences (subjective) at the same time honoring the knowledge we acquire from formal education (objective). Both can be applied in a very pragmatic way to oneself and others, harmonizing balance and wellbeing. Something to remark about Serggio is his ability to synthesize and extract the principles of ancient medicine as well spiritual traditions from which he honors and respects.Serggio is a MD who graduated in Monterrey Mexico. With years of experience exploring holistic, whole body, mind, spiritual and energy approaches, his journey has taken him from the Red Cross and high school clinical laboratory, to Mind/Body medicine in Harvard Medical School, to become an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, and finally a Thetahealing Master...with the desire to learn more in the future.


UrbanZen Integrative Therapist ( NYC)
Comtemplative Medicine (NYCCCC)
Mind Body Medicine (HMS)
Spiritual Health Coach
Wellness Coach
Reiki Master


"“ Serggio is a gifted intuitive and healer with a medical background as an MD. I always gain clarity and insight with his theta healing sessions, and see things transform very quickly during and after each session I have received with him. I highly recommend him as an instructor and a practitioner if you want to see and feel changes quickly happening on all levels. He has helped me align so that things that I'm calling in just start to show up with ease! And he has helped me clear negative beliefs to allow this to happen. Thank you Serggio! "

Lisa Barber Jay

"Dear Serggio, I would like to thank you for the theta healing session. As a healer myself, I thought I’ve healed so much issues in my life, however the session with you has shocked me that the regret and grief I had for my grandmother was still buried deep in my heart. It was a big realization for me. Thank you for your patient, guidance and care during the whole healing session. You have make me feel so safe and comfortable to opened up and allowed my emotions to flow . It was my deepest regret I had for my grandma as I’ve never known how to show her love..and you completed that for me..Now when I thought of her, there’s only love instead of regret. Thank you so much Life is indeed a healing and growing journey for all of us. And Theta Healing never failed and it always amazes me. Thanks once again for being such a wonderful healer and may you keep making difference in more people’s life through your healing, generous heart and gift"

Hong Kong
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