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World Relations United Arab Emirates Nov 7 - 11, 2021 もっと詳しく知る
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Dig Deeper United Arab Emirates Nov 26 - 27, 2021 もっと詳しく知る
You and Your Significant Other United Arab Emirates Dec 3 - 4, 2021 もっと詳しく知る
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DNA 3 United Arab Emirates Feb 1 - 5, 2022 もっと詳しく知る


Mehvash is a ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science.

She comes from a background of filmmaking and after experiecing the crazy work schedules and stress on sets of projects over a decade, she took a break and looked for a solution to have better mental and physical health.


As a result she found Thetahealing and has been practing and teaching it to help adults and children recognize and sharpen their intution while still feeling empowered!


She  teaches ThetaHealing® classes in-person in

  • Dubai, U.A.E. 
  • Mumbai, India
  • Chennai, India
  • Houston, TX

and ONLINE globally.


She offers one-on-one personal thetahealing sessions via Skype/Zoom and is available to travel to teach classes in your country.


"Before I had my session with Mev I was suffering from severe piles. I was in pain and also very depressed. Through the session I realised issues that I didn’t realise were the cause of major unrest for me. But after I felt much lighter, I felt the negativity leave my body. There r issues that seem meaningless or really unimportant but can create havoc and disrupt our functioning. The session helped me realise those problems and find solutions. It’s hard to believe that one session made me feel soo much better. I have faith in this healing. And I’m extremely greatful for this guidance. Thank u mev "

Veera K.
Mumbai, India

"Life to me was always a never ending search. A search for the why, when and how of everything I saw around me. From the age of 12 one thing my mind was sure of and that was that there was much more to life than going to school and loving my family. Time went by and I studied every modality around in a pursuit to get some answer. Around 2015 I first met Mehvash and I learnt of Theta Healing and it seemed like some theory which did not interest me, not knowing that 4 years down the line Theta would guide me to address and resolve one of the deepest and most disturbing pattern that summed my life till then. I had to do the inevitable and most logic thing them. It was to call Mehvash and do my first level of Basic Theta DNA2 with Najma amme and Mehvash. Life was never the same. They way they literally held my hand, mind and soul and guided me to the wonderful world of Theta was something I can never Express in words. They teach you to live life knowing and believing that there is a solution to every issue in life. They are exceptionally caring and nurturing and that's why I have clearly taken the liberty to call her Najma Amme. Because for the first time I knew what a soul family felt like. Not only are they amazing at teaching but they are mentors and guardian Angel's who guide us through the weekly practice sessions which helps us address even the smallest issue we have. I wish that every child be taught Theta because it connects you to yourself through the Creator of all that is and will ever be. I still have my why, when and hows, but now they have taught me to find the answer to each one of them. And I am on my way to do my level 2 advance course with them. If I have to sum my experience with them I'd simply say - The power that makes a Butterfly sigh with love also makes the Earth and skies tremble in fear, and now I know how to chat with that same power on a daily basis. "

Amit N.
Mumbai, india

"I had certain fears and anxiety. I was anxious and nervous all the time. I was introduced to Thetahealing. I did my Basic DNA2 class and it changed my perspective of life. Basic class helped me a lot to deal with my fears n anxiety and made me strong n brave. I now have a much calmer mind and greater enthusiasm to face challenges. Many thanks to my teachers Najma aunty and Mev. "

-Neetu B.
Mumbai, india
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