Betsabe Kia

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




Betsabe offers a holistic approach to bring harmony to your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. She has undertaken studies in TCM and Energy Medicine to ensure that your healing session extends to all aspects of your wellbeing.

Her practice involves working specifically with the subconscious mind to access and clear emotional blockages and limiting beliefs that are at the root of physical and emotional challenges.
She gently guides you on an immersive journey to the core of your being and from that space of inner peace and safety she enables you to access, listen to and appreciate the language of your subconscious mind and to explore the deep resonant wisdom that lies within you.

Betsabe works with clients who experience:

*Physical Symptoms
*Relationship problems
*Chronic Pain
*Stressful experiences and past hurtful memories
*Patterns of dis-ease
*Patterns and limiting beliefs keeping you from succeeding in your work and life
*And much more……


Psychological Kinesiology


"Betsabe's teaching style is to the point; she understands issues quickly and goes above and beyond to help. Betsabe is approachable and a highly intuitive person. She has a direct teaching style and is not afraid to offer different perspectives. Betsabe takes the time to listen and answer questions and takes care when answering, sometimes drawing on a rich tapestry of experiences to help her students develop their understanding"


"Betsable is one teacher that uses every giving opportunity to expand our consciousness and self awareness. She is empatetic, very encouraging and motivating. Betsabe does not mind to use her personal time to help her students. She demonstrate at all time the ability to manage our groups sessions, no matter how sesitive the topic of the day is. She listens to every perspective and then begins to impact us with her knowledge. The most admirable thing for me about Bestabe is that she demonstrates that what she does is not just a career, but a life mission."


"Dear Betsabe, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do ThetaHealing Basic Course under your tutelage. The course has been very rewarding and has given me more insight to the gifts and talents the "Creator of All That Is" endowed human beings with. The three-day Course with you was fantastic. "


""When I first met Betsabe (Betty), she helped me to take control of my immediate issues during a time of major transition in my life. I’ve never met someone that is so truly invested in the outcome of my healing. Betsabe is warm and gentle. When I have a session with her, I feel cared for, comfortable, safe & embraced. I have been working with Betsabe for about 6 months now, going over many, many layers of my subconscious mind. I am so grateful that I met her, she has played a huge part in my healing journey. I am and feel happier, liberated, at peace & my belief systems are transformed." "


"I rcame to Betsabe at the most challenging time of my life, after a traumatic delivery and months of severe postnatal anxiety, so extreme I felt I could not go on with it much longer. I had seen other practitioners who helped to take the edge off momentarily, but nothing had lasting effects. After doing a lot of research I knew many of the issues lay with deeply embedded subconscious emotions, belief systems and trauma, so I decided to give PSYCH-K a go. It is no understatement to say that I feel Betsabe saved me, or as she keeps telling me, helped me to help myself. It's hard to describe what she does and the many areas of your emotional, mental and therefore physical life that she can help you with. Layer by layer she helps you to find and embrace your true self again. A few months on and despite everything I have been through, not just recently buy throughout my life, I am happy, at peace and enjoying motherhood and my future career prospects more than I thought possible. As a person, Betsabe truly cares and makes sure you are being held in a safe space. She checks up on you away from the session if you need her, and she senses that. She is someone I have huge resect for and can unreservedly recommend." "


"Betsabe is nothing less than an angel from heaven, sent here to look after, to love, and to guide us all on this journey we call life. Her strength, her wisdom, her encouragement and her compassion are all beyond bounds. Infinite love and gratitude to you, Betsabe, for you are our angel, master, guide and guru. infinite love and gratitude. Andrew "

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