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ThetaHealing Inspiring Others

Many people achieved health, success, relationships and many other things in their life. Do you know which miracles were already achieved by ThetaHealing? Many of us have seen a small part of this world known modality and spiritual philosophy.

Do you know the size of ThetaHealing? Do you know in how many countries you can find ThetaHealer? Would you like to know how many there are and see the big potential of people who may have never heard about ThetaHealing.

On this Inspiration Day we will present you short testimonials, which are followed by a talk of Vianna. We inform you about news, changes and facts in ThetaHealing. We will give you new ideas and inspire you to grow your own healing business. We will share our ideas and visions with you, and show you promotion tools which you can use to grow your business.

Vianna will share with you the secrets for your business and how to create your path. Get new ideas and visions for your future and get the motivation to do your next step.

After this one day event you will have a chance to meet and greet in the Lobby – get to know the ThetaHealing community around you, because together we are stronger. Register Now 

Host by Matthias & Jutta Wirth 

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