Basic DNA

日付: January 26 - 28, 2018

タイムズ: 10:00〜17:00

受講条件: なし

言語(複数可): English,Japanese

合計セミナー額: 650.00 NZD

入金額: 150.00 NZD

セミナー額: 500.00 NZD


16 Bronte way Rolleston, Canterbury New Zealand 7614


Nari Kim

独立した認定プラクティショナー, インストラクター, サイエンス認定証


Rolleston, Canterbury, New Zealand


Please send me email.

シータヒーリング® Basic DNA

開催期間: 3日間


























To connect with Creator of All That Is.
Most important to know yorself is to know that you are part of Creator of All That Is.
There are no separation in the universe.
We all connect each other.We are oneness.
This Basic ThetaHealing Class teachs you a lot of healing technique by connecting unconditional energy.
We are able to change our negative belief to positive belief through clearing issues.
There is an activation of the master cell in the pineal gland.
We learn how to heal myself,other people and animals with unconditional love energy.
Feel viblation around you.Everything is energy,vibration.
If you feel negative emotion or vibration,that is an illusion.Stay being stillness.Be here now.There is only now,presence.
Your reality are created by your belief.
Create your positive reality.It's very important to know this power.
Because,you are the creation of God.
God equal creation of energy,unconditional love energy.High vibration.
 God loves you whatever you wouldn't know.
Know yourself who are loved unconditionly by Creator of All That Is.
You can call God,Christ,Father,Buddha,Allaha,whatever you like.
It's within you.
Please contact ,e.

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